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oo1;; Introduction [02 Oct 2005|04:53pm]
[ mood | AWAKE ]

I'm not a big celebrity. I've never been on the silver screen. When I walk down the street, people don't jump all over me like "OHMYGOD, I'M GOING TO HAVE A SPAZ ATTACK, YOU'RE MELISSA MCINTYRE!" That's just not my life. Sure, sometimes people will walk up to me and say, "wow! Melissa McIntyre! I love Degrassi. Can I have your autograph?" and, yeah, they're just a little more than excited, but I'm not as big as, say, Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, or any of those celebrities you want to be like. Truth be told, I'm just a girl on a TV show. I don't make millions of dollars a year, and I don't live in a big house with 32 bedrooms and a 13-bedroom guesthouse. I'm just a normal girl with a passion for acting.

Four years ago, I auditoned for a television show called Degrassi: The Next Generation, which was a spinoff of Degrassi High, a show I absolutely adored when I was a kid. If, back then, you had told me that this show would be just as successful as the one that preceeded it, I would've told you that you sucked at lying and walked away, forgetting I had even met you. But I would've been wrong. Looking back on everything this show has been through- rating dry spells, actor abandonment, near-cancellation- I think that, although we haven't quite yet had as many seasons as Degrassi High, we're still much more successful.

As you may or may not know, my name is Melissa McIntyre. Most people call me Missy, Mel, or, if you're really close to me, Big Mac. Right about now, you're all probably going "I know that girl from somewhere.." and, you're right. You know me as Ashley Kerwin, the straight-A-prep-turned-emo-punk-queen-of-doom from Degrassi.

When I auditioned for Degrassi, I didn't perform the audition monologue for Ashley. No no no. She was way too preppy for me. While I knew very well that my figure was too slim for the role of Terri McGregor, who was described as a compulsive eater whose body is taking it's good old time to shed her baby fat, I auditioned anyway. If I hadn't been so athletic, I would've nailed the role of Terri. But no. I always had to be involved in soccer and gymnastics. So, I was thin. And they didn't cast me as Terri. However, they did give me a monologue for Ashley. I nailed it, and here I am today, not playing Terri, but playing Ashley. I think I definitely have more fun with the role of Ashley than I would've with Terri. So I'm actually very glad that they didn't cast me as Terri.

On the set of Degrassi, I'm friends with absolutely everyone. But my best friend would definitely have to be Lauren Collins. While almost everyone in the entire world knows her as Paige Michalchuk, the "Cher Horowitz" of Degrassi, (Note: If you have no idea who Cher Horowitz is, you need to go watch "Clueless." Like, RIGHT NOW.) I know her as Lauren Collins, the sister I never had, from grade one, up until now. Have you ever had one of those friends who would stick with you even if you posted their most embarrassing secret all over the school, making sure that her one and only crush had it stuck in their mind? That's me and Lauren. We've been through that situation- I won't tell you whose secret it was and who did the telling- but we managed to pull through it. That's real friendship.

While Degrassi has, like, almost completely overtaken my life, and I love it, I have a life that doesn't completely revolve around it. When I'm not kissing Jake Epstein or singing revenge songs in front of a camera, I'm shopping, studying Music History, and watching 80's flicks. Gotta love the classics. My favorites are "The Breakfast Club," "Sixteen Candles," and "Weird Science."

About two months ago, just out of shear boredom, Lauren and I started writing a song together, with her on guitar and me on vocals. We decided it needed a bass line and some percussion, so we called over our friends Rachel and Kayla. That one song brought us together as Pretty Poison, our own awesome little accidental creation. We've played lots of gigs, but touring would be a little much at the moment, since Lauren and I have filming and all. But just wait. One day soon, you'll be bragging to all your friends about how you have a ticket to the Pretty Poison concert. The one that's completely sold out to the point of where people are begging to pay for standing room. And you'll be able to say you knew us way back when...

Since I think I've given you enough information for you to go out and make an E! True Hollywood Story about me, I'm going to stop writing now. missy like woah is the screename, so don't hesitate to message me- I'm always online.

ex, oh


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